Marco Martalar


MARCO MARTELLO (alias MARTALAR) was born in Asiago in 1971. Nowadays, he lives in Mezzaselva di Roana on the Altipiano, where he works as a sculptor in a studio which smells of wood and is on the edge of the nearby forest.

After a long period of research and study of the anatomy of the human body, he discovered the ancestral element that binds wood (his raw material) and man: that is to say Fire. A powerful element that has always shaped and transformed our environment, Fire fascinates and attracts Martalar. After carving his figures, almost entirely with a chainsaw, the artist finishes his creative act by letting the deftly tamed flames envelop and even dramatically transform his work.

It is the accomplishment of a feat in which both the artist and Fire are co-protagonists of an old and primitive dance that evokes the ancient myths of the forests.

Since 2011 he has taken part in several wood sculpture symposiums in Italy, in Europe (France, Switzerland, Austria, Finland), in Mexico, and in Costa Rica. Some of his permanent monumental works are in “Bear Park”, Finland; in “Schloss Albeck” Park, Austria; in the “Colegio de Michoacan” and “Parque de Colomos”, Guadalajara (Mexico); in Santa Ana (Costa Rica); at Campogrosso Pass near Recoaro (VI); in Edolo (BS); in the sculpture park of Rifugio Van Spitz, Trentino; in “Parco Arte e Natura Selvart”, Roana (VI).

Moreover, he has taken part in several group exhibitions, such as “VII Biennale di Arte Ferrara”; “Profiles of Art” in London. His work “Luci ed ombre” was exhibited in “Ca’ La Ghironda Modern Art Museum” (BO), Palazzo Roccabruna (TN), “Spazio Erika Klein”, Borgo Valsugana (TN), and in the Castello Aldobrandesco, Arcidosso (GR).

His work “Nella lente dell’onirico” was exhibited in “Mostra d’Arte Contemporanea” (Rome), in “Musesart Gallery Sassari”, in “Fiera arte contemporanea” (Milano) in 2013; in the “VI Biennale di Arte Contemporanea” (Ferrara), and in Fiera di Arte Contemporanea (Genova) in 2012; in the “Galleria dei Nani” (Valdagno, VI); in “Galleria Arte contemporanea Margutta”, Rome; in “Galleria Lanificio Conte” (Schio) in 2011. Solo exhibits were held in Thiene and Recoaro in 2014 and in Lodi (MI) in 2016.

In 2016 Martalar designed and created “Parco Arte e Natura Selvart” in Roana (VI), where numerous international artists display their sculptures and permanent installations, thus making the wood an open-air museum available to anybody who wants to experience the special atmosphere that the union of art and nature can create.

In 2017 exhibited at the Museum “Le Carceri” in Asiago (Vicenza) with the project “4444 Water and Fire”

In 2018 exhibited at “Palazzo Bonaguro” Musei Civici of Bassano del Grappa with “4444 Water and Fire Experience”

In 2018 he exhibited at the Museo “ Parolini di Oliero” Valstagna (VI) with “4444 Water and fire: Art at the same time”.

In 2019 he exhibited at Palazzo Ferro Fini and Cà Rezzonico, Museo del Settecento Veneziano for the final exhibition of the project “4444 Water and Fire”.